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3 most asked questions

Q: Can I try Flash banner before making an actual purchase?

A: In fact, we strongly recommend you to try the free demo banner before you buy. Please follow the step-by-step manual on the demo download page to make sure you understand the banner publishing process. Your "personal" download page is exactly the same as the demo one, except that it includes custom Flash banner you created with the banner maker.

Q: Where can I display my Flash banner?

A: You can display ("publish") your Flash banner on any web site where you can edit the HTML. Upload your banner SWF file along with the web page(s) with the banner code to your web server, - much like you do when you add a picture or photo to your web site. You get the SWF file and generate the banner HTML code on your personal download page, which is available to you immediately after your payment is processed (typically, in a few seconds).
Alternatively, you can publish your Flash ad with any ad publisher, network or ad software supporting Adobe Flash format, such as tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá trực tuyếnGoogle AdWords - your banner SWF file supports industry-standard "clickTAG" variable out-of-the-box. Please use the tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá trực tuyếndemo Flash banner to check if your ad publisher accepts Flash ads. If they have some specific requirements, we'll tune up your banner to meet their specs at no extra charge.

Q: How to display my ad on mobile phones and tablets?

A: We offer a free complimentary backup banner along with a javascript code that automatically replaces your Flash ad on mobile devices such as phones and tablets without Flash support. When possible, we create an animated HTML5 ad reproducing your original Flash banner; otherwise, we supply a static GIF or PNG backup image. To request your free backup HTML5 / image ad, please contact us with your order number.


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